“Thunder Jack” Mountain Man Statue

This free stock footage features the “Thunder Jack” mountain man statue in the Shields Valley in Southwestern Montana. The Crazy Mountains provide a beautiful backdrop for the statue. A plaque at the site reads as follows:

“Welcome to the Shields

“The mountain men, weathered and wind-bitter were adventurous explorers who led America deep into new regions of the Rockies and beyond. Names like John Colter, Thomas Fitzpatric and Jim Bridger were among hundreds of men that were unsurpassed as marksman, horseman, naturalists and the ultimate masters of survival while in the pursuit of beaver pelts.

“This sculpture is dedicated to all those who came, endured and made a home in this mountain valley before and since Capt. William Clark named it in 1806.

“Artist – Gary Kerby 2006″

File Info:

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Duration: 36 seconds

Download link: https://archive.org/details/thunderjack

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